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Urban Garden Compost Tumbler UCT-9                       FREE SHIPPING
Urban Garden Compost Tumbler UCT-9                       FREE SHIPPING
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Create nutrient rich compost
in 14 to 21 days.

Our revolutionary composting system makes compost in weeks, not months with its Patented Central Aeration System; Works 90% Faster, Requires 75% Less Effort. Aeration is the Secret to getting "quality" nutrient-filled compost fast.

There are "Four" ingredients that are critical for effective composting of all organic materials: carbon, nitrogen, water, and OXYGEN. The unique Patented core aeration system of the UCT provides the essential oxygen for the aerobic microorganisms and tool free mixing of the composting materials. This near odorless, fully enclosed composter is ideal for both yard and kitchen materials.

Urban Compost Tumbler - Most Efficent and Safest composter available!
There are a lot of composters on the market … but when you're ready for high performance, durability and the best value for the dollar… you're ready for the Urban Compost Tumbler. Simply the Best Composter you can buy.

Every plant enthusiast knows the advantage that quality compost has on your plants and flowers, but few have the time, space, or energy to create their own compost. The Urban Compost Tumbler has been designed and tested for ease of use to make it the perfect solution. It takes up minimal space and seals in unappealing odors. The patented Core Aeration System means you will get results in weeks, not months; and it renders top of the line compost.

Features and Benefits:

* EASE OF USE, No Constant Turning of Compost Piles
* PATENTED CENTRAL AERATION SYSTEM for faster composting time... it's the OXYGEN
* LOW MAINTENANCE, No Cranks and Rollers to get clogged up & No metal parts to rust
* DESIGNED, for today's fast paced lifestyle
* KID & PEST PROOF/RESISTANT, Fully Enclosed, Off-the-Ground Unit
* AVOIDS ODOR problems with most Composting Piles
* AIDS IN MOISTURE CONTROL in Excessively Dry or Rainy Climates
* PROVIDES INSULATION to Aid Heating of Compost
* PORTABILITY, as the UCT can be moved about your Yard
* TOOL FREE mixing & turning of the compost materials
* 60-DAY GUARANTEED satisfaction or your Purchase Price back ... UNCONDITIONAL

Made in the U.S.A. of 100% recycled plastic. Except for the optional pivot rod sleeves, all plastic is primarily HDPE #2.

Capacities: 9.5 cu. ft., 7.6 bushels, 71 gallons
Base Dimensions: 43" height, 33" wide, 34.25" length
Weight: 70 lbs. and ships in two oversize boxes.
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